Order Management

Service Items

Save the dimensions of rooms at every location you service. This saves you admin time and ensures you're giving your customers an accurate quote every time.


Oversee the commission structure for each of your employees. Set the base sales rate and upsale rate to either a percentage or flat rate, depending on your needs.


Ensure your customers are paying you in a timely manner! Completed work orders automatically turn into invoices, allowing you to begin the payment process.

More Order Management Features


Ensure you’re doing everything you can to convert prospects to scheduled jobs. Track your efforts at winning work by creating estimates.

Work Orders

Coordinate all details of a job on one screen, including what work there is to be done, service site information, balance due from customer, and more.

Flexible Price Lists

Establish any number of distinct price lists to accommodate residential customers versus commerical accounts, clients who are grandfathered in with lower prices, and clients who are billed at a variable rate.


Quickly and effortlessly bill your customers via email and/or direct mail.


Track payments, so you always know which customers are current and which you’re still waiting on.

Order Groups

Put your data to work! Separating jobs into groups in ServiceMonster allows you to generate reports that detail income earned in each category.