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Customer Management

Account Newsfeed

Stay current on events that occur in an account -- from emails sent to work orders completed to direct mail, calls, and more.
Instant Demo Access
Commercial Accounts
Keep relationships strong with your largest accounts and always be in the know by tracking every activity in ServiceMonster.
Multi-Site Accounts
Assign an unlimited number of sites to a single account.
Clients Prospects and Vendors
Manage every aspect of your relationships with clients, prospects, and vendors to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.
Account Ranking
ServiceMonster's ranking algorithm considers multiple factors and assigns each account based on the values of each client.
See at a glance every action that's occurred in an account.
Address Validation
Confirm the accuracy of addresses so you know exactly where you're going.
Facebook and Twitter Info
Store your customer's Facebook and Twitter accounts in ServiceMonster for quick reference.
Account Tags
Sort, filter, and organize accounts using tags.
Recurring Jobs
Quickly and easily get daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring jobs on your schedule.
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