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Grow your carpet cleaning business with the power of intelligence.

By allowing you to track virtually every aspect of your business, ServiceMonster gives you the power to leverage your data and discover your true potential.

  • Customer Management
  • Automated Marketing
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Order Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Route Mapping
  • Advanced Data Tracking
  • Free Live Support & Training
  • Free Upgrades

It took major league baseball over a century to realize that the key to winning is playing by the numbers. How long will you wait?

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Scheduling Software

ServiceMonster gives you feature-rich scheduling in real time. Every carpet cleaner knows that a schedule needs to be fluid: sometimes clients will cancel a job or ask to switch to another day at the last minute. When this happens, it’s important for your operation to be flexible and responsive. With ServiceMonster, you, your office staff, and all of your field technicians will be synced to the same schedule. This helps make the day go smoothly and allows you to respond quickly to opportunities and book jobs on the fly.

Client Tracking (CRM) Software

The more information you track about your clients, the more likely you will be able to retain them for long-term business. With ServiceMonster, you can track virtually anything about your clients and browse their information from the field. Look up previous orders on site, assign multiple addresses to the same name, categorize contacts as commercial or residential, and even keep track of the names of your clients’ pets.

Marketing Automation

ServiceMonster is the only online carpet cleaning software provider who will directly mail thank-you and reminder cards to your clients. Carpet cleaners who use our FillMySchedule direct mail marketing program get an average 800% return on the money they spend on cards. ServiceMonster also gives you the power to send reminder emails, build DIY marketing campaigns, and track your expenses and ROI with detailed reports so you can see exactly what is working.


Your data is safe and secure. All accounts use SSL-encrypted connections by default—the same level of security used by banks online. Our servers are protected and backed up daily. We’ll never share your information. Your data’s security is our number one priority.

World-Class Live Support

Our live phone and email support is second to none. Better yet, it’s FREE and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. ServiceMonster representatives are US-based and well-versed in adapting our software to the needs of carpet cleaning businesses like yours. We love helping our clients make use of ServiceMonster to the fullest extent. Try us out via the button below and see for yourself: we’re always happy to help!

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*Or keep reading to learn more about our other software features geared toward carpet cleaning businesses!

FillMySchedule for Carpet Cleaning Businesses

FillMySchedule is ServiceMonster’s direct-mail marketing program for cleaning businesses.

The concept is simple: let us help you keep in touch with your current clients so you can focus on getting new ones!

When you have completed a job and received payment for your work, ServiceMonster can automatically send a thank-you card via direct mail to your client. This card will contain a custom message and signature, as well as any other messaging you would like to include. In the same way, we can send follow-up reminder cards at intervals of your choosing: we recommend every three months for best results. We have a variety of card designs to choose from, and on average our clients earn an 800% return on investment for the money they spend on cards. If you are interested, one of our reps will be happy to discuss how FillMySchedule can work for your carpet or rug cleaning business. Call today for a free consultation!

Full List of Features:

Google Calendar Sync
Accounts receivable
Alerts for special customers
Automatic follow-up
Balance due and aging
Call reminders
Vendor Marketplace
Commercial vs. Residential
Custom profile fields

Payment Processing
Email reminders
Estimate, order & invoice history
Export to Quickbooks™
“Tech Mode” mobile view
Lead source marketing tracking
Mail reminders
Multiple account types
Multiple site locations

Image Upload
Notes and activity records
Payment Terms
Quick search features
Recurring jobs and orders
Review lists
Tax rates and tax exempt status
Access via phone & tablet

We know carpet cleaners.

ServiceMonster has been involved in the carpet cleaning industry for over a decade, and we know the industry better than any other software provider out there. We are committed to helping service businesses grow and succeed, and we’ve been doing it for years.

ServiceMonster also publishes educational content on a regular basis to help industry newcomers as well as our own support team. We even sent our CEO to learn how truckmounts are built: check out this video from his recent trip to HydraMaster!

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We Love Carpet Cleaners

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We regularly publish articles for and about carpet cleaners. From marketing advice to interviews with industry leaders, we’re always striving to help our clients learn and grow their business.

We even feature individual cleaning companies like yours in our before and after series, to help you build links to your website and gain online exposure. Check out our most recent articles below!

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