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Why would a window cleaning company need business software?

You want to grow your business. You want more leads. You want more repeat business. You want flexibility and the ability to manage business tasks from your phone.

As you grow, you'll need to track things like repeat rate, commissions, and job times. You'll want to automate your business systems and reduce the amount of staff you need to run a top-notch window cleaning business.

At a minimum, window cleaning companies should be tracking income and expenses with an accounting program like QuickBooks. However, while they will help you manage things like payroll and taxes, they don't give you any real horsepower. They are simply record keeping programs.

Are you concerned that customer relationship management software (CRM) is overkill for your business?

It could be true, if: you do everything by pen, provide a service for your clients only once, are completely transactional (don't care about your repeat rate), and have no intentions of hiring employees and growing past a single-owner operator. If that doesn't sound like you, you need a good CRM solution.

For over 14 years, ServiceMonster has been the leading online business software for the service industry. Take a look at what ServiceMonster can do for your company.

Lead and Sales - Between WebForms, our APIs, and the ServiceMonster Marketplace, there are a number of ways to capture leads automatically. Follow up with both residential and commercial accounts using our sales pipeline and marketing tools, and win every job.

Customer Management - Know the full life cycle of an account at a single glance. Text, email, direct mail, and call tasks give your window cleaning business the best chance to keep every client your client.

Scheduling - Manage a single schedule or a 20-truck operation. Schedule jobs at the best times, with the shortest drive times. See where your crew is with mobile GPS tracking, sync all your routes with Google Calendar, and get notifications when something changes. Send job reminders and follow-ups, and easily manage your recurring commercial and residential work.

Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices - Track your progress through the order process and ensure you're winning all the business you can. Take payments. Bill clients via email or direct mail with a few clicks. Track the window types and counts you service. Copy older orders for new work in an instant.

Marketing - Campaigns allow you to mail merge for email and direct mail, and create reminders, follow-ups, thank yous, and more. Call campaigns create a list of calls to make, targeting those that are likely to buy. Export campaigns create a common file that you can supply to third party vendors.

FillMySchedule - Our do-it-for-me service sends direct mail thank you and reminder cards to your clients with your branding included. This services consistently receives an 800% return on investment, and helps to create a strong repeat rate with your clients.

With Integrations such as ResponsiBid and SendJim, we deliver value even beyond our own limits.

...and there's still so much more! ServiceMonster can track employees, products, and services. Our reports and dashboard will point you in the right direction to build your business and crush your goals. Interested in learning more? Check out the free demo here.

Learn more about how ServiceMonster is the perfect window cleaning software for your business.
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