Let's get started.

Your training will consist of four steps. You can skip ahead to each one below, or keep scrolling to meet your trainers.

Step #1

Initial Setup

Follow along with this video to get your initial settings up and running inside onTrack.

Step #2

The Basics

Be sure to sign up for this prior to your new buyer training so that you can learn the basic functionality of onTrack. This is also available for all onTrack users should you need additional training at a later point.
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Step #3

Mobile Training

Now that you’re back from new buyer training and you’ve had a few jobs on your schedule, let’s go through how to utilize the mobile app so that you can use onTrack out in the field.

Watch the following two videos to learn how to use the mobile app in both admin and technician view:

Step #4

Advanced: Marketing

At this point, you should be comfortable with the basic functions of onTrack. Now it’s time for the fun stuff! In the marketing training, you’ll learn how to utilize the automated drip marketing tools, create & edit templates, and track ROI for your marketing efforts.
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