The client retention program that works.

Direct-mail marketing with an average 800% return on your investment.

How it works

After you finish a job, a notification in ServiceMonster will alert you to approve a thank you card for your client. The card will arrive in a stamped envelope addressed to the customer with your personal message enclosed. Imagine how pleased your client will be when they see that you have gone the extra mile to thank them personally for their business!

A few months later, ServiceMonster will prompt you to send that client a follow-up card including a custom message and additional service offerings. Your client is still impressed by the job you did and remembers what a pleasure it was to hire you. Now is the perfect time to offer additional services! Continue sending cards to your clients every few months to keep your business in the back of their mind, so when they have a problem, they will call YOU for a solution.

All you have to do is press a button, and we do the rest!

The best part is, FillMySchedule automatically tracks when clients you have sent cards to book new jobs, so you can see exactly how much of a return you are getting from the cards you send. All you need to do is click a button, and your company stays in front of your entire client base on a regular basis. You can set up one-off campaigns for special offers and holidays, fine-tune your targeting to focus purely on residential or commercial customers, and even create custom reports.

See the following for the full schedule, as well as sample cards:

1st card – 1 Week – “Thank You”
Your client’s mess is cleaned, and they are loving it. Their home is comfy and fresh, and they are appreciative of you! Then your card comes: a high-quality tent-fold, letting them know that you appreciate their business.
Average ROI: 350%

2nd card – 3 Months – “Here to Help”
The clients’ original mess might still be clean, but you also offer other services they might be interested in. Now’s your chance to educate your client about all that you can do for them.
Average ROI: 1,000%

3rd card – 6 Months – “Here to Help”
The client needs their carpet cleaned again. They had such a good experience with you in the past, they won’t hesitate to call and schedule another appointment!
Average ROI: 650%

4th card – 9 Months – “Just a Friendly Reminder”
Life gets hectic. Remind them that they haven’t used your services for quite a while! Your persistence will likely pay off.
Average ROI: 1,200%

5th card – 12 Months – “It’s Been a While”
It’s been a whole year since your last visit to your client, and that’s too long!
Average ROI: 1,400%

6th card – 15 Months – “Service List Revisited”
This is your opportunity to remind your clients of your full service list. Maybe they forgot about all the ways that you can help them!

Average ROI: 900%

7th card – 18 Months – “Gross!”
Time flies by, and before your clients know it, their house is a mess again. Remind them of that fact, and how quickly you can turn it around!
Average ROI: 500%

8th card – 24 Months (Final Pitch) – “We Miss You!”
This will be the last attempt to connect with the client.
Average ROI: 400%

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