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Adjust your employee's base sales rate and upsale rate at any time, add or remove commissions, and save notes.
Instant Demo Access
Control data access by giving your employees only the privileges they need. Employees assigned to the Technician security role can only view their own schedule.
Super Technicians
For techs that need more freedom in the system, the Super Technician security role allows them to edit and delete jobs and activites on the schedule.
ServiceMonster App
Keep all your technicians on the same page by arming them with ServiceMonster Mobile. Create orders and invoices, process customer payments, manage scheduling, and more.
Technician Tracking
With live GPS tracking of each truck, you can ensure your employees are always on track.
Performance KPIs
From one dashboard, see how your techs rank in terms of speed, close rate, and more.
Find your upselling all-stars!
Time Tracking
Keep tabs on how long your techs spend at each job site with the use of geofencing.
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