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ServiceMonster API

What is API

ServiceMonster's API means that it can integrate with practically any other platform.
Instant Demo Access
Personal Use
Our API allows you to communicate with your data. Create your own webforms, and more!
Professional Use
Are you a vendor who would like to offer your services to ServiceMonster's extensive client base? We invite you to integrate with our API!
Use Case: Lead Capture
Use ServiceMonster WebForms to capture leads with ease and funnel them directly into the system.
Use Case: Self-Scheduling
Give customers the power to arrange their own appointments. Display your live schedule so they can pick and choose the time that works best for them, based on your current availability.
API First
ServiceMonster's API-first development makes for a consistent, comprehensive, and modern experience.
As in Hypermedia right out of chapter 5 from the Fielding Dissertation.
Because our CEO wants to drown XML in a bathtub
ServiceMonster API is secured with a custom BEARER O-Auth2 style token and refresh token exchange. We even have some security roles which support BASIC authorization for webforms and server side processing.
If you're interested in getting started with our API, learn more at at developer.servicemonster.net.
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