Reporting & Dashboards

Marketing Dashboards

Ensure you're spending your marketing dollars wisely. See where your new clients and repeat customers are coming from, and what your most effective marketing campaigns have been.

Key Performance Indicators

Your KPI's provide insight into the progress you're making towards achieving your business goals. View the numbers in real-time with ServiceMonster's reporting dashboards.

Repeat Rate

Customer retention is one of the most important aspect of your business. Track your residential and commercial repeat rates with a single click.

More Reporting & Dashboards Features

Employee Leaderboards

Identify your superstars and your slackers. See an overview of employees’ performance, including average job time, how many work orders they’ve completed, and more.

Sales Dashboards

Everything sales on one screen. Monitor your total income, lead count, number of inbound calls that resulted in sales, and more.

Fullscreen & Auto-Play

Monitor your dashboards throughout the day by cycling through screens automatically with our auto-play feature.

Scheduling Dashboards

Visualize what types of jobs you completed during any custom time-frame you select.

Accounts Dashboards

View summary statistics on your residential accounts versus commercial accounts, so you always have a handle on things.

Order Dashboards

See a breakdown of income by service, sales versus upsales, and new versus repeat customers.