Leads & Sales

Pipeline Management

See a visualization of the current number of leads, opportunities, work orders, estimates, and invoices you're working on.

Leads from WebForms

All leads from ServiceMonster WebForms are funneled into the Leads tab, with lead source automatically assigned.


Track leads and easily move them as they progress through the sales funnel.

More Leads & Sales Features

Sales Performance Tracking

Stay motivated by keeping an eye on your sales numbers, including total income, lead acceptance rate, leads per month, and much more — all in a single dashboard.

Lead Funnel

Visualize the progress your leads are making as they move through the buying process.

Leads from the API

Capture contact information from prospects and customers who visit your website.

Leads from the Marketplace

Use apps in the ServiceMonster Marketplace to gather leads right from your website.

Opportunity Activities

Forget scribbling on sticky notes or napkins. Record information safely in ServiceMonster, and know at a glance where you stand with each lead.

Opportunity Value

Assign a value to each opportunity, so you can focus your energy on leads that have the greatest chance of converting.