The features you need
to get the job done.

Available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Leads & Sales

Capture leads, manage opportunities, and visualize your sales pipeline with the power of ServiceMonster.

Lead and sales management made simple.


From single owner-operators to regional fleets, ServiceMonster provides simplicity and control over your technicians and schedule.


Employee management made simple. 

Set employee commission rates, assign techs to specific routes, manage security roles, and more. 

Plus, our app has a separate view just for techs.

Automated Marketing

From email drip campaigns to automated direct-mail marketing, we have you covered when it comes to client retention and increasing your repeat rate.

Order Management

Streamline your orders and invoices. 

Manage estimates, billing, payments, taxes and more all in one location.

Customer Management

Keep track of every interaction you have with your customers, from emails sent to jobs completed. 

In addition, our custom views allow you to sort, filter, and organize your accounts. 

Reports & Dashboards

Customizable reports and dashboards give you immediate visual feedback on any aspect of your business.​


 Connect your ServiceMonster account with other powerful web services such as QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Stripe, and more!

ServiceMonster API

Integrate with any other platform, and customize your data in whatever way you want. We offer REST API developer resources.