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Release Notes v6.5.0

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.5.0 of ServiceMonster:



  • New themes (Classic, Dark, Light) and updated visuals
  • New Home page views
  • Changed terminology – “Job” is now “Appointment”
  • New dashboards on landing pages
  • Left navigation menu overhauled
  • In-App Training modules
  • Grids have been overhauled
  • New Marketing Wizard helps users build campaigns
  • Added “Viewed” status to order approval system
  • Professional and Trial accounts can now access Leads
  • New initial loading splash animation
  • Added icons for approval status states
  • Combined Reminder Batch and Reminder List pages into one
  • Added Select All and Clear All buttons to the grid Choose Columns modal


  • Fixed various issues with grids
  • Various fixes for Quick Add
  • Various improvements to Subscription Manager
  • Fixed an issue with the schedule default state
  • Fixed an issue where custom appointment types prevented Last Tech info to save to an order
  • Various improvements to FillMySchedule
  • Fixed an error sending test emails for marketing templates
  • Various improvements to the Order Details page
  • Various fixes for corporate users
  • Fixed an error encountered when adjusting job duration
  • Various fixes in Inventory tool
  • Various fixes for the Schedule
  • Fixed issue with Order Approval for SMTP via Office 365
  • Various fixes for Opportunities page
  • Various fixes for Activities
  • Fixed an issue where some popup windows would populate partially offscreen
  • Fixed an issue causing SMTP password to disappear
  • Fixed an issue with Webforms custom confirmation page
  • Updated help link on SMTP page
  • Various fixes for NiceJob
  • Various fixes for Settings page



  • Fixed an issue with some completed leads not showing up in the Completed Leads data view (6699)
  • Updated a url for a help link (6909)
  • Various fixes in grids (6911, 6912, 6913, 6916, 6930, 6931, 6933)
  • Fixed an issue with corporate orders (6918)
  • Fixed an error for Core accounts (6939)



  • Fixed default views for various grids (6623)
  • Fixed issues with the training progress circle (6809)
  • Fixed a broken dashboard on the Core home page (6941)
  • Fixed an error with the Voided Orders data view (6951)
  • Fixed an issue with multiple duplicate entries in the Appt History tab (6952)
  • Fixed an issue with charges for self-service renewals (6954)
  • Disabled training popup for pfsupport users (6955)


  • Added a flag to warn about increased load times when the user selects 20+ columns for a grid (6899)
  • Core subscriptions can now have 2 employees (6926, 6927)
  • Backend work on training lessons (6949)



  • Core accounts can now have 2 active employees (6960)


  • Fixed an error with the Marketing Campaign Wizard (6884)
  • Fixed several issues with custom data views in grids (6943, 6944, 6950, 6980, 6987, 6992)
  • Made changes to get rid of the Google “App Not Verified” message when integrating Google Calendar (6388)
  • Fixed an issue with issue with Favorite not working for new opportunities. (6770)
  • Added several columns to several grids (6812, 6948, 6958, 6959, 6961)
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the Today’s Appointment dashboard (6908)
  • Fixed an issue where a deactivated employee could not be reactivated (6963)
  • Fixed an issue with the Audit tab on the Appt Details modal (6965)
  • Fixed an issue with Drip Campaigns (6966)
  • Fixed an issue cancelling appointments in the On-Deck tab of the schedule (6976)
  • Fixed an issue with the line item description box in Firefox (6977)
  • Removed the drop shadow from line item description (6978)
  • Fixed some issues with automatic appointment notifications (6979)
  • Fixed an issue with a user’s campaign (6957)
  • Fixed an issue with payment links not working with automatic notifications (6973)
  • Updated URLs for several user Templates (6989)



  • Added new email templates for some corporate users (7017)
  • Added new Technician Plus security role (7015, 7027)
  • New success/failure prompts when upgrading a trial account (6493)


  • Tweaks to grids (6393, 6658, 6904, 6925, 6985, 6999, 7023, 6917)
  • Fixed an issue with several data tags not working correctly (6404)
  • Fixed the logo on the Contact Us page for corporate users (6638)
  • Several tweaks to Opportunities (6741, 7006)
  • Fixed a typo on the confirmation modal when deactivating a route (6924)
  • Tweaks to themes (6936, 6928)
  • Clicking the Multiple Jobs link on the order details sidecar now navigates to Appointment History (6947)
  • When deactivating an automatic reminder, the user is given the option to cancel all pending instances of the reminder (6988)
  • Tweaks to the Bulk Add Line Items modal (6996, 7014)
  • Updated invoice completion date rules (7001)
  • Fixed an issue with taxes with subcomponents (7003)
  • Fixed an issue with the order of line items in a recurring order. (7004)
  • Fixed an issue with grids for Internet Explorer users (7022)



  • Fixed an issue with the wrong site showing when navigating between different account pages (7034)



  • Various updates to grids (7029, 7030, 6974, 7012, 7057, 7063, 7064)
  • Various fixes to Quick Add (6310, 6322)
  • Updates for links to the schedule (6923, 6984, 7037, 7061)
  • Updates for NiceJob integration (6759, 7079)
  • Fixed some issues with dashboards having overlapping UI (7009, 7070)
  • Fixed an error when committing multiple reminders as work orders (7039)
  • Fixed a styling issue with Campaign transactions (7040)
  • Fixed an issue with Last Referral Date in the Account Profile tab (7041)
  • Fixed an issue with the Appointment modal not updating and saving the route field if the user clicks Save and then clicks Save & Close. (7043)
  • Fixed an issue with updating techs on the Schedule sidecar. (7044)
  • Fixed the missing opportunity field in the sidecar of an associated order (7045)
  • Fixed a styling issue on the Edit Activity and Edit Email Activity modals (7046)
  • Improved some of the basic campaigns in Campaign Wizard (7048)
  • Updated the ServiceMonster Secure Data badge in Marketplace (7075)
  • Fixed an issue with the Home page selection not being saved after logging out (6724)



  • Core users have new home page (6942)


  • Fixed an issue with the Activities panel not showing all statuses (6742)
  • Various fixes for Core users (6803, 6956, 7102, 7105, 7106)
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the More Options menu in grids (6873)
  • Fixed several issues on the home pages (6921, 6967, 7021)
  • Fixed several issues with Unscheduled Approved Orders (7051, 7053)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Schedule button on the order details page would navigate to the schedule for 2005 (7101)
  • Fixed an error when adjusting the duration of an activity on the schedule by dragging the bottom of its card (7107)



  • Fixed not being able to select customer type in Quick Add (7116)
  • Fixed some issues with appointment emails. (7104, 7106)



  • Fixed an issue with core account home pages (7132)
  • Fixed an issue with the way the schedule is displayed after clicking Schedule on an order (7129)
  • Fixed an issue with email attachments (7128)
  • Fixed an issue with lead sources for some corporate users (7124)
  • Fixed an issue with Fittlebug integration (7087)



  • Added unsubscribe groups to network based SMTP settings for corporate users (7131)


  • Fixed an issue where raw HTML was displayed in the Order List Custom View builder (6995)
  • Updated the Notifications tab in the Appointment modal to display the template used (4110)
  • Fixed an issue with the Completion Wizard removing upsale flags from items (6686)
  • Replaced a missing column from the Audit grid (7055)
  • Fixed the data tag for Job Technician image (7086)
  • Restored full functionality to the Sites grid on the Account Details page (7117)
  • Fixed an issue with the Unscheduled Approved Orders link on the Orders landing page (7127)
  • Improved the Unknown View error page (7138)



  • Schedule now allows start and end of day to fall on the half-hour (7141)


  • Backend fix to allow campaign lead sources to show up for some security roles in Mobile Pro (6632)
  • NiceJob tab now removed from account details page if user revokes access (6759)
  • Fixed error that occurred if support chat is down or slow (7139)
  • Several minor fixes to the Schedule (7142, 7161, 7175)
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Add for some corporate users (7156)
  • Fixed an issue with sites for accounts generated through a manually-created lead (7166)
  • Fixed an error with the New Recurring Appt button (7169)
  • Fixed a couple of errors with activities, users can now correctly extend the length of an activity directly on the schedule without changes being made to assigned employees. (7171, 7174)
  • Fixed an error that prevented some corporate users from logging in (7173)



  • Fixed an issue where the company config didn’t load correctly causing several errors (7179)



  • Resolved the issue where Google was treating SM as an unverified app (6388)
  • Fixed some company config hydration issues (7181, 7188, 7192)
  • Fixed an issue with changing technicians on the schedule sidecar (7191)
  • Fixed an error caused by a dashboard widget cluttering memory (7206)



  • Updated system logging to log requests that take longer than 1 sec. (7211)


  • Fixed an issue where following links to the schedule would cause some appointments to disappear (7185)



  • Reopened FMS Approval Wizard as the COVID-19 statewide restrictions have been lifted (6865)



  • Created new marketing filters for pending and in-progress leads (7250)


  • Fixed the Last Estimate Modified Date marketing filter (7235)
  • Fixed the Tech Note field being spammed with the customer phone number with every change made in SM6 and Mobile Pro (6505)

Release Notes
Release Notes v6.4.7.5


Numerous tweaks and fixes to Subscription Manager (5789, 5791, 5796, 5842, 6498)

Added vertical scroll bars to Orders and Marketing Dashboards when narrow (6198)

Fixed an error when completing an activity on the schedule via the right-click context menu (6396)

Restored the Audit button for Professional and Enterprise accounts (6478)

Fixed an error creating a new activity from the Panel View (6410)

Fixed an error with Route Packets not starting at the correct time by default (6475)

Fixed an issue where some pop-up windows populated partially off-screen (6497)

Fixed an error where social media tags where not displaying correctly when sent as part of a Job Reminder email. (6513)

Fixed an error when clicking the Download Card Template button on the FMS Campaign page (6530)


Added the Laborer security role (6197, 6391, 6022)

Release Notes
Release Notes v6.4.6.16


Fixed an issue with the FillMySchedule Approval Wizardshowing incorrect images (6270)

Fixed an issue with the wrong region being saved for someusers when connecting to QuickBooks Online (6429)

Fixed an issue with the default status for a Note-typeactivity (5232)

Fixed an issue with Custom Fields in Settings (5874)

Removed old branding from Setup Wizard (6045)

Fixed a couple of browser page labels (6132)

Fixed an issue where some users’ customer terms and taxrates were changed to blank (6157)

Fixed an error clicking an in-progress FillMySchedule order(6194)

Fixed an error dragging and dropping anOpportunity card back into the same column in Kanban view (6227)

Removed link to old support site (6368)

Fixed an error when sending or previewing andemail from the Order Details page (6425)

Fixed an error clicking the Templates card inSettings (6435)

Added a warning message when user is locked outof account due to too many failed logins (6035)

Fixed an issue where having only letters and/orsymbols in an account’s phone field prevented emailing of attached orders orbilling statements (5365)

Billing statements now show up as an attachment on theassociated email activity (4540)

Various fixes for Core-level subscription accounts (6397,6399, 6400, 6401, 6413, 5904, 6347, 6433, 6432)

Various fixes in the Subscription Manager (5732, 5771, 5783,5798, 5799, 5820, 6301, 6337)

Various fixes in Inventory feature (5339, 5856, 5860, 5861,5926, 6051, 6092, 6189)

Various fixes in the Completion Wizard (6086, 6440, 6441,5944, 6148, 6159, 6324, 6417)

Various fixes for the Quick Add feature (6325, 6328, 6419)

Fixed several errors creating and managing Employees inSettings (5945, 5947, 6120)

Fixed issues downloading images attached to orders (6264,6269)

Various fixes to the Schedule (6031, 6076, 6167, 6171)

Various fixes to grids (6112, 6206, 6238)

Various fixes to Activities Panel view (5718, 5957, 6239)

Various back-end fixes (5949, 5953, 6125, 6232, 6240, 6327)

Fixed several issues with the Account Details page (5616,6039, 6403)

Fixed an error with running a marketing campaignwith a cost applied (6226)



Added social media links and custom links for emails andmarketing documents (5980, 5981, 5985, 6172, 6173, 6175, 6176, 6179, 6180,6210, 6279, 6280, 6281, 6282, 6284, 6424)

Added two new data tags (SITE_JOB_TITLE &SITE_ADDRESS_COMBINED) for printed orders (5908, 6254)

Release Notes