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Release Notes
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Release Notes v6.4.7.5


Numerous tweaks and fixes to Subscription Manager (5789, 5791, 5796, 5842, 6498)

Added vertical scroll bars to Orders and Marketing Dashboards when narrow (6198)

Fixed an error when completing an activity on the schedule via the right-click context menu (6396)

Restored the Audit button for Professional and Enterprise accounts (6478)

Fixed an error creating a new activity from the Panel View (6410)

Fixed an error with Route Packets not starting at the correct time by default (6475)

Fixed an issue where some pop-up windows populated partially off-screen (6497)

Fixed an error where social media tags where not displaying correctly when sent as part of a Job Reminder email. (6513)

Fixed an error when clicking the Download Card Template button on the FMS Campaign page (6530)


Added the Laborer security role (6197, 6391, 6022)

Release Notes
Release Notes v6.4.6.16


Fixed an issue with the FillMySchedule Approval Wizardshowing incorrect images (6270)

Fixed an issue with the wrong region being saved for someusers when connecting to QuickBooks Online (6429)

Fixed an issue with the default status for a Note-typeactivity (5232)

Fixed an issue with Custom Fields in Settings (5874)

Removed old branding from Setup Wizard (6045)

Fixed a couple of browser page labels (6132)

Fixed an issue where some users’ customer terms and taxrates were changed to blank (6157)

Fixed an error clicking an in-progress FillMySchedule order(6194)

Fixed an error dragging and dropping anOpportunity card back into the same column in Kanban view (6227)

Removed link to old support site (6368)

Fixed an error when sending or previewing andemail from the Order Details page (6425)

Fixed an error clicking the Templates card inSettings (6435)

Added a warning message when user is locked outof account due to too many failed logins (6035)

Fixed an issue where having only letters and/orsymbols in an account’s phone field prevented emailing of attached orders orbilling statements (5365)

Billing statements now show up as an attachment on theassociated email activity (4540)

Various fixes for Core-level subscription accounts (6397,6399, 6400, 6401, 6413, 5904, 6347, 6433, 6432)

Various fixes in the Subscription Manager (5732, 5771, 5783,5798, 5799, 5820, 6301, 6337)

Various fixes in Inventory feature (5339, 5856, 5860, 5861,5926, 6051, 6092, 6189)

Various fixes in the Completion Wizard (6086, 6440, 6441,5944, 6148, 6159, 6324, 6417)

Various fixes for the Quick Add feature (6325, 6328, 6419)

Fixed several errors creating and managing Employees inSettings (5945, 5947, 6120)

Fixed issues downloading images attached to orders (6264,6269)

Various fixes to the Schedule (6031, 6076, 6167, 6171)

Various fixes to grids (6112, 6206, 6238)

Various fixes to Activities Panel view (5718, 5957, 6239)

Various back-end fixes (5949, 5953, 6125, 6232, 6240, 6327)

Fixed several issues with the Account Details page (5616,6039, 6403)

Fixed an error with running a marketing campaignwith a cost applied (6226)



Added social media links and custom links for emails andmarketing documents (5980, 5981, 5985, 6172, 6173, 6175, 6176, 6179, 6180,6210, 6279, 6280, 6281, 6282, 6284, 6424)

Added two new data tags (SITE_JOB_TITLE &SITE_ADDRESS_COMBINED) for printed orders (5908, 6254)

Release Notes