New Fall FillMySchedule Cards

Every year, the fall FillMySchedule campaign is a huge success for our users. So this year we decided to step it up a notch with some new designs. Introducing a total of FOUR fall-exclusive card fronts! Woohoo! Also included are three separate options for the inside content (or you can create your own message easily).

These fall cards also give you a great opportunity to offer a seasonal discount. We've seen time-and-time again that including a coupon or discount is highly effective and keeps customers happy. Plus, getting a physical card in the mail gives your customer something more to remember you by than the emails and social media posts they're used to seeing from you (you're regularly marketing to past customers, right?). Your past clients are waiting. Make sure they know who to call this fall!

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Your 2019 Fall FillMySchedule Card Designs

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