ServiceMonster Podcast Episode 68

In this episode of The ServiceMonster Podcast, Joe, Adam, and Asher have a conversation with Robert Ayala about his entrepreneurial journey have a service business owner. Starting from the beginning, to finding Super Hero employees, getting off the truck, focusing on social media, and getting good reviews. You can find the full video below or listen to this episode here.

Service Monster Podcast Episode 67

In this episode of The ServiceMonster Podcast, Joe, Adam, and Mary break down internal employee communications within ServiceMonster 6 and the app, from notes to activities, and more! Joe & Adam go in depth on the feature request process, and also in this episode, our weekly updates on the software, as well as a deep dive at some of our highlighted posts in SMUG. You can listen to the podcast here, and the full video can be found below.

What Cashless Payments Can Do For Your Business

Accepting cashless payments is quickly becoming a standard of doing business. In this post we will help you understand and apply digital payment technology in your business.

What are Cashless Payments?

Cashless payments allow you to take credit and debit cards either in person using an app, or online with a webpage. If you have a credit card, or even a debit card, you’re already familiar with cashless payments! As customers, we can all appreciate the huge convenience offered by this technology, but in this blog post we will be exploring why and how to integrate digital payment technology into your business.


Digital payments have been steadily growing in popularity since the advent of digital banking in the 1990s, but they have become particularly ubiquitous in recent years. In 2021, cashless payments are forecasted to account for 6.6 trillion dollars in transaction value, a 40% increase from only two years prior. The rapid growth of digital payments is just one indicator of consumers heightened expectations around transactional ease and efficiency. Digital payments are convenient, and for customers and businesses alike they can be easier than the traditional invoice-to-check pipeline that many service businesses may be using.

How Can I Use Cashless Payments in My Business?

To understand the value cashless payments can offer your business, let’s explore a hypothetical. You get a call to do a pressure washing job. Using Google maps you can quickly call up the location on street view to provide an estimate, or if it is a returning customer, you can use your site notes and past estimates in ServiceMonster as reference for a new estimate. You estimate and schedule the job remotely and show up at the location to complete the job. With your paperwork completed digitally in advance ahead of arrival, you can get to work immediately without waiting to speak to the client on-site. This helps you maximize your uptime and cuts down on delays too your workday.


To finish the job, instead of printing an invoice and trying to track down the client to sign it, you can run the same process digitally after you have left the job site. ServiceMonster supports digital signing for both estimates and invoices, and through our payment partners you can accept a variety of digital payment methods. An added bonus here is that all of the necessary documentation is saved automatically for you, meaning you don’t have to scan the signed invoice after it is completed. The invoice will even mark as paid once it clears through your payment provider.


Cashless payments coupled with the power of ServiceMonster make it possible to conduct business without any face-to-face contact. In the times of social distancing, it is easy to see how this can help keep you and your employees safe, but even without social distancing in effect, the benefits of being able to do business completely remote are plentiful. Being able to manage processes that are critical to operations on-line helps streamline your business, and lets you focus on getting and finishing more jobs. Digital invoices also signal professionalism, and further establish the trustworthiness of your brand. For busy corporate clients, the ease of a cashless payment process is a great time saver.


Digital payments also make it very easy to follow up with clients and tackle non-payment. Instead of mailing multiple invoices and waiting for a check to be sent back, cashless payments give you the convenience of being able to see as soon as a payment is made. For clients, the ability to pay with a credit card means you can be paid on time, even if they have their own cashflow issues. Accepting digital payments can help make late payments a thing of the past!


How Do I Configure Cashless Payments in ServiceMonster?

ServiceMonster has built-in support for two leading payment processors, Stripe and Both payment processors offer pay as you go pricing based around a small transaction fee. They can easily be integrated into ServiceMonster from the marketplace, and there are help pages that offer detailed instructions for set up for both Stripe and Choose the payment processor that works best for you, follow the help guide to set it up, and you’ll be ready to accept cashless payments right in ServiceMonster!


Feature Focus
ServiceMonster Podcast Episode 66

In this episode of the ServiceMonster Podcast, Adam and Mary give you the rundown on appointment reminders. How to set them up, default settings, and how to customize them to best serve your business. Also in this episode, our weekly updates on the software, and a deep dive at some of our highlighted posts in SMUG. The full video is embedded below, and you can listen to the audio here.

Cleaner Q & A: The Keys to Success

Success means something different to each individual, and most everyone goes about trying to achieve it in a different way. You could be the best carpet cleaner in the world, but is skill the only thing that equates to success? Not necessarily. Since every cleaner runs their company a little differently, we thought it would be interesting to get some different opinions on the topic of success and what it is that helps cleaners ‘win’ every day.

So, we asked the question: “What one thing is crucial to your success on a daily basis?"

Here’s how some of your fellow cleaners responded.

1) Having fun with your customers.

Brad Mastrangelo, Mastrangelo's Carpet Cleaning

“Making your customers smile and laugh. I have been in this business for 25 years. I have also been a professional stand-up comedian for 23 years. Many of my customers know this and many find out when I leave. I believe that we all have access to the same equipment, chemicals, and training. I feel strongly that if you make a customer feel comfortable with you the person, you will have a customer for life.”

2) Taking notes.

Jeremy Higley, Ultimate Carpet Cleaning

“Absolutely it has to be time management. Google Keep keeps me on track with goals, to-do's, etc.”

3) Family support.

Tom King, Rug Gallery Flooring

“My wife's hard work and great people skills.”

4) Conversations with customers and staff.

Shen Schulz, Environmental Carpet and Air Care

“Communication! It is the foundational basis for everything going right in our business. We could not stay as organized with our schedule and demand without communication. We could not have strong marketing and online presence without communication. Our customers experience good customer service and understand everything they need to know regarding their job, because we proactively communicate with them all details. Our different departments work together seamlessly (senior leadership, accounting, customer service, cleaning techs, web marketing) because we instill the importance of communication in our culture.”

5) Sincerity.

Pavlin Zarkov, Master’s Touch

“Be honest, win customers’ trust and turn them into a cheerleaders for your business.”

6) Always being open to learning.

Joseph Rodgers, Quest Floor Care

“Taking the time to learn new things and integrate them into the business when helpful. The key is actually taking the time to learn and understand the new thing, whether it's a process, a piece of equipment or a form of technology (like another form of social media).”

7) Going above and beyond.

Jessica Zuniga, Zorro Carpet Cleaning

“Getting to know our customer’s needs and exceeding expectation.”

8) Always giving it your all.

John Stewart, Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners

“I got rid of my ego -- stopped making excuses. I became determined that only the best will do -- even if I lost money on some jobs. While running my business with these guidelines I managed to serve some people who became cheerleaders for my business and helped it grow. And I was a decade ahead of the ‘green, eco-friendly’ thing."

9) A solid foundation.

Russ Terhaar, The Clean Machine

“Integrity, hard work, and faith. Not sure what order to put those in because they all work together for me. Take one out and I'm dead in the water...”

10) Acting like a cleaner that YOU would want to hire!

Ron Beatty, Ron Beatty Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

“Consistency, reliability, humility, and a lot of hard work.”

This throwback ServiceMonster Blog post was originally posted in July of 2015.