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Your training will consist of four steps. You can skip ahead to each one below, or keep scrolling to meet your trainers.

Meet your onboarding trainers, Adam and Michael.

Step #1:

Initial Setup

Follow along with this video to get your initial settings up and running inside ServiceMonster.

Still need help? 

We offer pre-scheduled 30-minute live help sessions.

Step #2:

The Basics

Learning the basic workflows is one of the most important steps you can take to get more comfortable with ServiceMonster. Sign up for the desktop training to get you and/or your office staff familiar with handling the more administrative work. Sign up for the mobile training if you are primarily out in the field during your work day. Sign up for both if you cover both roles.

Desktop Training

Learn how to use ServiceMonster in the office.

Set up your work flow and get familiar with the schedule.

Cover basic integrations: QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and more.

Mobile Training

Learn how to use ServiceMonster in the field.

Perfect for anyone who is an owner/operator, lead technician, or sales staff.

Learn more about the mobile app here.

Step #3:

Sales & Marketing

(Only available for Professional and Enterprise users)

At this point, you should be comfortable with the basic functions of ServiceMonster. Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Here, you will sign up for two separate training webinars, one for the sales tools and one for the marketing tools in ServiceMonster.

Sales Training

Lead pipeline

Advanced sales/project management

Activity tracking

Marketing Training

Drip (automated) marketing

Template creation

Create custom account fields to track

Step #4:

Have Questions?

After completing all of your training, it’s normal to still have a few lingering questions. Feel free to schedule a 15 to 30 minute Q&A call with one of our trainers at the link below!

This option is only available to those who have completed all previous training steps.

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