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We’re revolutionizing how the service industry does marketing. With ServiceMonster, you can automate your process and track every penny you spend.

Thank-You and Reminder Cards

ServiceMonster allows you to send thank-you, reminder and holiday cards to your customers, ensuring that your phone keeps ringing.

We can generate, print, stuff, stamp, seal and mail your cards for you–the only thing you have to do is approve your weekly mail lists and click the “send” button. Click here to learn about FillMySchedule, our automated direct-mail program.

Detailed Campaign Reporting

You can also use ServiceMonster to create specifically targeted campaigns. You can print personal letters and labels, create and manage call lists, send emails and even export files for use with other programs and companies.

Track every marketing dollar spent and use ServiceMonster’s advanced reporting functions to see your response rates, conversion rates and return on investment.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Watch the video above to see ServiceMonster’s CEO, Joe Kowalski, demonstrating how one of our clients is averaging a 21-to-1 return on investment with his FillMySchedule greeting cards. That’s quite a bit higher than our average ROI of 800%, but hey, 8-to-1 ain’t bad either.


FillMySchedule is ServiceMonster’s direct-mail marketing program for cleaning businesses.

The concept is simple: let us help you keep in touch with your current clients so you can focus on getting new ones!

Click here to read more.

Full List of Features:

Accounts receivable
Alerts for special customers
Automatic follow-up
Balance due and aging
Call reminders
Commercial vs. Residential
Custom profile fields

Email reminders
Estimate, order & invoice history
Export to Quickbooks™
Lead source marketing tracking
Mail reminders
Multiple account types
Multiple site locations

Notes and activity records
Payment Terms
Quick search features
Recurring jobs and orders
Review lists
Tax rates and tax exempt status
Access via phone & tablet

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