Mobile Technician Update: v1.1.3

Read on to learn more about new features, enhancements, and changes included in the latest ServiceMonster release.

Date of release: February 5, 2019

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  • (4409) Can now send SMS messages using templates.
  • (4406, 4431, 4463) Redesigned order header to show more information.
  • (4466) Can now apply a service item when adding a package.
  • (4474) Can now edit activity records.
  • (4480) Added ability to upload documents to an order.
  • (3703) Reminders are now shown on the Home screen.
  • (4481) Can now add promo packages to order which can apply an order discount.
  • (4391) Tax selector now shows name of listed taxes.
  • (4408) Checking in to a job now sends location information to SM6.
  • (4429) Job header now shows job type and status.
  • (4462) An indicator is now shown in place of the account image if account has an alert.
  • (4468) Added option to add service item name to item description instead of replacing it.
  • (4469) Can now edit service date of line item.
  • (4476) Added “Check out of job” to job completion checklist.


  • (4405) Fixed Google Maps implementation.
  • (3353) App now notifies user if no Route is assigned to user.
  • (4567) Fixed crash when tax is “Tax Exempt”.
  • (4631) Now only show specific activities on the appropriate screen.
  • (4266) Can now properly scroll through the User Agreement screen.
  • (4392) Fixed visibility of buttons on note edit modal.
  • (4461) Fixed an issue with job totals/averages not calculating properly.
  • (4465) Adding a package now preserves order of line items.
  • (4471) Renamed “Tech Notes” to “Job Notes”.
  • (4668) Packages are now listed alphabetically.
  • (4427) Removed redundant header from job completion screen.
  • (4433) Fixed placement of buttons in the payment modal.
  • (4432) Navigate to order screen after adding a line item.
  • (4430) Moved site edit option to the order edit screen.
  • (4477) Reordered job completion checklist.
  • (4450) Jobs on home screen are now properly greyed out when complete.
  • (4551) Resized email attachment options button for accessibility.
  • (4555) Renamed “Done” button on job completion screen to “Back to Home”.
  • (4612) Renamed “Customer Review” to “Invoice Overview” for clarity of purpose.
  • (4434) Renamed job/invoice tiles on Home screen.