ServiceMonster 6.3.2 Release Notes

Read on to learn more about new features, enhancements, and changes included in the latest ServiceMonster release.

Date of release: January 9, 2019

For information on previous releases, please visit the release notes archive.

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New Features Overview

  • Employee View – Update the View to include Users. You can now view user access logs, deny access to users, create new employees, create new users, deactivate employee records, and ensure proper views for employee page based on user roles. On the Settings page, Employee and User tiles are now combined.
  • New Trials – ServiceMonster now offers a free 14-day trial to new prospective users by using the v1 REST API. Trial accounts will have a footer in SM6 that shows days until trial expiration.
  • Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard in SM6 includes links for basic setup options, self-help or webinar training, and video help for each view.
  • Activity Screen – You can now manage activities in list, edit activity, create new activity, see the dashboard panel, add account newsfeed to existing activities, add the option to toggle view from grid view to panel view for activities, and add Pending Activities to Home Deck, all from the Activity Screen.
  • Quick Add – Updated Quick Add now adds Schedule view to Jobs section and the ability to add multiple jobs. This includes several styling updates and fixes issues with AM/PM job times.
  • Webforms – Reorganized webforms and the configuration page.

Bug Fixes

  • (4112) Schedule – Fixed an issue with jobs that stretch past 12 am not showing times correctly.
  • (4327) Email Templates- Fixed an issue where “from” field does not pull email from templates.
  • (4347) Marketing Templates – Fixed a broken data tag for last invoice amount.
  • (4260) Routes – Fixed an issue where deactivating routes made jobs unrecoverable.
  • (3546) Schedule – Fixed an issue where you were only able to select a day to look at on the calendar if your first day of the week setting was ‘current day’.
  • (3804) Quick Add – Fixed an issue where color wheel icon showed on top of quick add modal on smaller resolutions.
  • (4261) Account Activities – Fixed an issue where part of the modal is cut off on small resolutions, unable to select show on schedule settings.
  • (4373) Orders – Fixed an issue where order grid list account active column doesn’t work.
  • (1686) Schedule – Fixed an issue where job cards do not have the style applied when dragging them around.
  • (3895) Accounts Email – Fixed an issue where Mail Merge [BALANCE_DUE] data tag errors out if the account balance due is null.
  • (4113) Account Details – Change Image: Image limit was wrong.
  • (4293) Order Invoices – Fixed an issue where the tax rate is not saved to the order when it is saved directly to an invoice.
  • (4326) Templates – Fixed an issue where some data tags were not showing up from the previous release.
  • (4400) Account Details – Fixed intermittent “getWidgets” error on Account Details screen.
  • (4416) Order Payments – Fixed an issue where order doesn’t have PAID label if there is an overpayment.
  • (4446) New Account – Fixed an issue where phone number was not formatting correctly.
  • (4494) Account List – Fixed an issue where repeat customers view was broken.
  • (4495) Accounts List – Fixed an issue where marketable accounts filter was not retrieving records.
  • (4498) New Contract – Fixed an issue where fields were not displaying correctly when the company name is too long.