Resolve to Make Things Easier on Yourself This Year – Super Agents Can Help!


2018 is here, and with a new year comes new resolutions. Do yours include getting more exercise, more sleep, spending more time with your family, or becoming more organized? Believe it or not, ServiceMonster can help you achieve these goals. How, you ask? Read on…

Super Agents are specialized ServiceMonster staff who provide personalized clerical support for your business.

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Types of Services

Super Agents can…

1. Answer your company’s incoming calls Monday – Saturday.
2. Book your jobs and quote your prices to prospects and customers.
3. Make outbound calls, including job reminder calls, job satisfaction calls, and more.
4. Maintain your schedule in ServiceMonster.
5. Send out email confirmations, thank you’s, and more.
6. Assist with email template creation and maintenance.
7. Represent your company professionally and provide excellent customer service.
8. Ensure your ServiceMonster account stays tidy and well-organized.

You also have the option of customizing various settings related to your incoming calls, including personalizing your voicemail, hold music, and more.

Access to ServiceMonster WebForms comes free (a $25/month savings) as part of the Super Agents subscription. If you’re interested in using WebForms on your company’s website, please contact Support for assistance.

Not sure if the service is right for your business?

We provide value to many different businesses. Our customers range from carpet cleaners, to upholstery business, tile / stone / grout cleaners, and more.

Why Super Agents?

Super Agents are ServiceMonster-trained, knowledgeable about your industry, committed to learning the intricacies of your company, and always up-to-date on the weather and major events in your area. Our Agents’ goal is to provide you with peace of mind, so you can focus on what really matters.

“Super Agents are invaluable.” – Dani Decker, Attic Innovations

“I was very pleased with Super Agents’ high booking rate (67%) on their first day. During that one day, I received a 133% ROI for the entire month investment with Super Agents.” – John Stewart, Healthy Choice

“I can honestly say that this service has really done wonders for my quality of life and my business.” – Jarred Lustgarten, J.L. Carpet & Upholstery

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If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to sign up for Super Agents, please click on the link above. Once you fill out the short form, a Super Agents representative will be in touch!

Please note: This is an exclusive service, so all applicants will be reviewed to ensure that they are a good fit.