All New FillMySchedule Cards!

We know that the FillMySchedule program is invaluable to so many of you… that’s why we’re thrilled to announce four brand new card designs! These updated cards are courtesy of our favorite carpet-cleaner-turned-graphic-designer, Ryan Kettering of Prolific Prints.

Here are the new designs:





They are available right now, and are delivered just the same as any other FillMySchedule cards:

  • High-quality, tent-fold cards that are sent just like a wedding invitation (no bulk mail!)
  • Mailed in envelopes addressed directly to your customers, with your return address listed along with a first-class stamp
  • The system automatically tracks when customers you’ve sent cards to book new jobs, so you’re able to monitor your return on investment quickly and easily

Are you ready for a full schedule?

Current FillMySchedule user? If you’d like to send out these new cards, fill out the form below and we will contact you to confirm details.

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(And don’t worry — the old card fronts are still available, if you would prefer to stick with those.)

Haven’t tried FillMySchedule yet? To speak with a FillMySchedule specialist, give us a call at 888-901-3300, or send an email to Learn more about the FillMySchedule program here.