Founded in 2003, ServiceMonster was one of the very first technology companies to offer business software online (now called Software as a Service [SaaS]). Co-founder and CEO Joe Kowalski came up with the idea while he was a technical consultant for Fortune 500 companies. We took no loans. We accepted no investment capital. After finding four other partners, ServiceMonster was bootstrapped over the course of five years.

After nearly completing ServiceMonster 1 in 2004, the desktop project was scrapped before it hit the market, in favor of rebuilding an online version. It was a tough decision and a gutsy move but it had big pay-offs.

Between 2004 and 2007, we rebuilt ServiceMonster twice, learning and adapting to the changing technology. In 2012 we landed several franchises, including Chem-Dry, which helped to establish ServiceMonster as the primary SaaS for the service industry.

ServiceMonster has been profitable since 2008 and in 2016 our revenue was just over $2.3 million. ServiceMonster processed a million service jobs last year totaling $368 million. We have an ever growing and amazing team of 36+ dedicated employees. Each position we fill is a direct employee, located at our Headquarters in Bellingham, WA USA. We never contract out our development and all our sales and support staff are proud ServiceMonster employees

We were finally able to deliver Joe’s original vision in Q1 of 2017. Making the change to online software in 2003 forced us to sacrifice half of the original business plan. It took the better part of 12 years for the browser technology to catch up. Now, with the release of ServiceMonster 6 on February of 2017, ServiceMonster enters the window cleaning, pressure washing, maid service, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, and restoration industries with the most powerful and advanced service software available anywhere.

Over the next five years, our goals include growing ServiceMonster from a healthy and profitable $2.3 million SaaS company, to a $30 million powerhouse. We will be documenting the entire journey and sharing our story, technology, and what we learn along the way!